Cajon Drum

Cajon Drums and the Latest Music Trend

What is a Cajon Drum? The word ‘Cajon’ has its origin from Spanish, which means a ‘crate’ or ‘box’ or ‘drawer’. It is a six sided box shaped percussion instrument, which has its origin of style from Peru. The … Continue Reading

How to play Cajon Drums

How do you Play a Cajon Drum?

What is it actually? A Cajon Drum is a musical instrument, made of plywood. It is also recognized by other terms like box, crate drum or drawer. The musical instrument has its origin from Afro-Peruvian. The device … Continue Reading

How to play bongo drums

How do you Play a Bongo Drum?

What is it actually? Bongo drums are ideal to act as a percussion musical instrument. Every Bongo drum player enjoys it to the fullest. The device is small and handy. At the same time, it is durable, reliable and … Continue Reading

Bongo Drum Kit

How to Choose a Bongo Drum Kit

Why should you go with guidelines? A Bongo drum kit is one of the best models that can support players that range from beginners to experts. You can find various features and the prices vary accordingly. Before … Continue Reading

Playing Drums

Playing the Drums like a Professional

Be sincere in your efforts Who would not love to play drums like a professional? Many think that it is very difficult to achieve professionalism. There is a saying that, “Practice makes man perfect”. If you have … Continue Reading


Procedure to Buy an Electronic Drum Set

Electronic Drumming Set Today’s drumming market has various drum kit models and one of the best models in boom is the electronic drum set. They are made available to the players with various features and the prices … Continue Reading